Friday, July 22, 2011

Pioneer Day

I wrote this on my personal blog and decided to share it with you:

A holiday that we celebrate in my faith is coming up in two days!  We call it Pioneer Day.  It's a day we take to celebrate by remembering our ancestors, and at the same time remember those who sacrificed so much for our faith in the earlier years of the church. This includes those who crossed the oceans to live with and practice their faith with the early saints, those who had to put up with the abuse from the mobs, putting up with death threats toward themselves and their prophet, those who gave up all they had to move to new states and eventually build temples, and crossed the plains between Illinois to Utah for our faith. There is plenty more they had to put up with, but those are just a few.
What a great day to have to remember our family roots, and also the people who sacrificed so much for their faith. The pioneer of my faith in my family is my grandma, but there are plenty of my ancestors and other family members who I have learned from and I am grateful for. Who are your pioneers?

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