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Amber is a gospel addict, wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, sports-freak, klutz, nap-time crafter, theatre-geek, and teacher.  She met her husband through her best friend, Ashley G., at Brigham Young University where she also graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and minor in Theatre Studies.  They have two kids, a boy and a girl, born exactly 18 months apart---which always keeps things interesting.  In February 2009, they became *gasp* Texans, and LOVE it.  She enjoys cooking, crafting, swimming, yoga, playing Wii, teaching her husband about sports, the St. Louis Cardinals, dancing with her son and making her daughter laugh.  Her spiritual goals include: continue to go to the temple once a month, have weekly FHE, and pray and read the scriptures daily.
"As a lover of teaching and learning, I realized it is vital to nourish our Spirituality constantly.  It is what life-long learning is about.  It is what this blog is about!"

Ashley G. is a stay at home mom to a beautiful, blue-eyed girl and her little brother due any day now. Following her husband's recent graduation from Chiropractic school, her family relocated from St. Louis (where Ashley & Amber grew up) to Sunny Southern California in order to start his practice. Her passions include being a wife & mother, reading, baking and crafting. Other things she loves: warm bread with butter, fireworks, french fries, new socks and the St. Louis Cardinals. She admits to being a bit of a perfectionist and is working on letting things go.  She was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic pain disorder; so far, it has been both a test and a blessing.  She also works as a freelance editor, and is currently editing a self-help book.  She also has a book blog called, Ashwey Reads A Lot.

"We build faith in bits and pieces. Here, we share our bits and pieces
with you."

Ashley S. is an aspiring Stay-at-Home-Mom, but currently lives her life as a newlywed who works full time trying to get herself and her husband through school. She served as a Spanish Speaking sister in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mission.  Ashley's father's family was one of the first families baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in his native land of Fiji. Although she was the only active member of her family while she was a young girl, she credits a strong and caring ward family for helping her to build her testimony and then helping her family return to church when she was a teenager.

"If there was one thing I would like everyone to know it is that God loves them and wants them to be happy."

Meagan is an avid dancer. She's been dancing almost 19 years since age 4, holds a B.A. in dance from SCU, and currently teaches in two studios to kids from 3 to 20. She also loves spending time cooking and especially baking in the kitchen.  She loves trying, and making up, new recipes. Her flair for creativity doesn't stop there.... She enjoys any kind of crafting: sewing, gluing, painting, stitching, drawing, and creating new things to please the eye and gladden the heart. 

She is also a mommy to an adorable little boy, Bennett.   She enjoys managing her family's finances and has a goal to become student loan free and to own a home in the hopefully not too distant future. As a Christian, she loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and every opportunity that she has to share it, especially in the Sunday School class she teaches, this blog, and the venue of life in general.

Tami started out her college career in a study abroad church history program in Nauvoo, IL (where she was roommates with Amber) and continued her education and graduated at BYU-Idaho with  B.A. in Spanish education-- which is also where she met her husband Eric.  She served a full time mission as a Spanish speaking sister in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida mission.  Through these experiences she has grown a deep love for the gospel and the Lord, and a conviction of its truth. She and her husband are currently living in Boise, ID. Her interests are: singing, reading, yoga, hiking, calligraphy, traveling (when affordable), trying new foods, learning new facts, watching sports (live), going to the theatre, just hanging out and having a good time with family and/or friends, and the list goes on!

Her aspirations are to one day be a stay-at-home-mom (aka home-maker) then start teaching again when her kids are all going to school, and eventually pay off her student loans and get her masters degree if the cards align for her to do so. She believes in the true value of being there to raise and nurture children in the gospel and also continually gaining more knowledge through education.

In the meantime, her short term goals are being consistent with weekly Family Home Evenings,  going on monthly temple trips, and 100% visiting teaching since we all know that is how we can strengthen ourselves and the sisters around us. 


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