Thursday, December 17, 2009

Angels Among Us

I truly believe there are angels surrounding us every day. I mean the angels who are living, AND the ones who don't currently have bodies. I can feel it. They are so interested in our lives, and in helping us. I just wanted to share because I'm so thankful for their help, and for the living angels in my life who have been blessing me.

Heavenly Father sure does put people in our path that are prepared and willing to help us. I am so amazed at the ways He's been blessing me even when I haven't spoken to him in ages... He doesn't care- he still sends people to bless my life when I don't deserve it!!

My sister-in-law came over like 3 times last week just to visit and help clean my house and play with Isaac. She has no idea that every time she called me I was on the verge of a breakdown, and I truly feel the angels were guiding her.

He has also given me a visiting teaching companion who has been praying to be the kind of friend I need, and that prayer has been answered. She has become an instant friend, and has already helped me in more ways than I can express. It is just so great that the people who will listen to the promtings of the spirit can be tools in God's hands in lifting up those who are lost and wounded.

I'm so amazed that Heavenly Father is doing all these things for me when I've felt like a total failure to him. He never gives up on us. He utilizes all the willing spirits he can gather up to come and bless our lives. I have felt these angels seen and unseen in my life, and I am so thankful for the evidence of His great love.

I only hope to be the kind of willing spirit he can use to answer the prayers of others.


  1. I truly feel humbled when people come at just the right time to answer my prayers. It really is such a blessing.

  2. I also believe the angels are all around us. Sometimes I feel like they whisper things to me when I seem to be forgetting something important. (or when I'm about to drive off the road!) Also great to have angels living among us to help us and to sometimes be someone else's angel!

  3. I totally feel this in my life right now. People keep amazing me with their kindness.



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