Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Write It Down

As the new year approaches, I would venture to say that we all become more reflective. We look back on the past year and wonder if it met our expectations; did we improve or did we plateau?

Sometimes as journal can help us see how much we've grown. I used to be ridiculously good at keeping a journal, in fact, I had a couple years where I wrote every day. Then, I fell out of that habit---and I wish I hadn't. I did take the chance to write the occasional entry, but I missed so many of the little moments; moments that I now try desperately to remember.

I look back at the past 20 months of my life (since my son's birth) and wish I wrote more down. He's growing up so fast and I want to remember as much as I can. I know that this blog, and our personal ones, have helped, but I have restricted my entries because I fear to say too much. Prophets have even counseled us to keep a history, President Spencer W. Kimball said:
Every person should keep a journal and every person can keep a journal. It should be an enlightening one and should bring great blessings and happiness to the families. If there is anyone here who isn’t doing so, will you repent today and change—change your life? (in Conference Report, Apr. 1979, p. 117; or Ensign, May 1979, p. 84).
So, with the new year, I'm taking the chance to start over again. I hope to start small. Here are my journal keeping goals:
  1. Each day I blog, I'll write in my personal journal. (so that means I should at least have Wednesdays covered).
  2. Catch up in the kids' baby books.
  3. Print out the previous years' blog posts. I was using a software to accomplish this, but I think I'm just going to copy, paste, make a cover with my scrapbooking software, print it at kinkos' and laminate (cheaper in the long run---that way I can make one for Greg and I, and one each for the kids---to take when they're not kids).
  4. Over the next couple of days, I'm going to make a family planner/journal for 2010 (check the link). I definitely think this sister was inspired to post about her planner and then link back to the sister who made the FREE template. After I make it, I must keep it up to date.
I hope I've inspired each of you to do a little here and a little there to always keep those special (and not so special) moments with you.


  1. Yes, I feel like I should go get my journal and write another entry about my little cutie pie. Thanks!

  2. I have been considering trying to put my blog into hard cover...expensive...I like the Kinko's idea. Thanks.

  3. I used to be so great at keeping a journal, and the last few years I have only written when I was depressed, and not about what was important, and the milestones in my family's life. This year I can definitely do better about writing the important things, and remembering the way my little boy is learning and growing up.

  4. Bethany- You are welcome to copy my idea on my blog and keep a list of good news in your life. That way it helps me focus on the positive and not on what isn't as good. Sometimes just a perspective change helps out a lot!



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