Monday, April 12, 2010

Teaching Your Children

I wanted to talk today about General Conference last weekend. It was absolutely wonderful! I am so excited to get our copy of the May Ensign with all of the conference addresses. I have decided that it will become our "Parents Manual." I loved that almost every talk focused on the family and teaching your children in the home. I think that they are obviously trying to tell us something.

The world is changing so much in the way that they view the family, but our church is standing firm! The family is the most important unit in society. Without the family our country is doomed. We need to stand up and speak up for the family! The best way I think we can do this is by starting in our own individual homes. We must teach our children so that together as a family we can be an example to the world. I encourage us all to spend more time IN our home WITH our children and our spouses. Our children need to hear the gospel from us every single day. We must be reading our scriptures and saying our prayers together as families every single day. Family home evening is more than just being together. It is about teaching our children the gospel in a place where they feel safe and in place where they can trust their teachers. We NEED to have family home evening every week.

My favorite thing that was said in conference was that we can start teaching the gospel to our infants. This was particularly important to me at this time as my husband and I prepare to welcome our first little one into our family. Infants are very aware of what we say and what we teach. We need to start right from the beginning. Even if our babies cannot fully understand everything we teach them we are still creating good habits as a family that will carry with us for many years. If we build good habits while our families are new and growing then we will be able to improve upon them over the years! I encourage you all to make these good habits. Read the scriptures and say prayers with your children, even your infants, every day - starting NOW!


  1. Well put Meagan! Thanks for the reminder!

    It's so true--- make it a habit and they'll always remember having FHE, prayers, and scripture study. Plus they totally watch you when you don't know; we need to be good examples. :)

  2. I am also having my first, and I completely agree with you. I want my baby to be familiar with good habits and gospel teaching since birth.

  3. I also love the focus on families this conference. I just wanted to run up toeh conference center podium and hug all the speakers! I can testify that Parker sure is aware of what is going on around him. Never pretend like your baby doesn't have a concept of things. Even though they can't talk or remember real well, they still see and feel. I hope our ensign comes soon too!



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