Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Acts of Service

Today I had the most wonderful experience. My husband has been extremely sick for the past week and has had to keep his distance from both me and our 2 month old son. Thus, I was left to care for our little guy entirely alone, round the clock, for going on 7 days now (I have no family in the area to help out). It has been a tiring and trying week for me. Apparently my exhaustion was visible because a new sister in our ward promptly came up to me at the end of church and said, "You look so tired. Can I bring you dinner tonight?" All week I had been praying that I would make it through and that somehow I could get help if I needed it. This sister had never met me, yet she was so in tune with the Spirit that she recognized my need for help.

I swallowed my own pride and accepted her help. It was so wonderful to be able to come home and relax (even take a nap) all afternoon because I knew that dinner was taken care of. And dinner was of course delicious. Better than anything I could have whipped up.

This sister's act of service got me thinking that I need to be more observant when I am around others. There will always be someone in need and it is our job to serve them in any way we can. I only hope that someday I can return the favor! I am so grateful for our church and for the built in support system we have in our ward families. The church is true. If you ever doubt this then just look at the love members have for one another through their service to each other.


  1. I'm sorry your husband has been sick; that's never fun.

    We talked about this very thing yesterday. Heavenly Father almost always answers our prayers and gives us aid in our trials through others.

    I'm grateful that sister was able to help you. :)



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