Monday, November 2, 2009


Yesterday our RS lesson was about charity and service in the home. The teacher started off by comparing us as women to diamonds. We talked about the characteristics of diamonds and how they apply to us as well.

My comment was that diamonds reflect light. We as daughters of God can also reflect the light of Christ within us by cultivating charity and other Christlike attributes. Charity is not something you possess or give away, but it is something that you become.

Remember the phrase, "Charity never faileth"? Elder Oaks tells us why:

"The reason charity never fails and the reason charity is greater than even the most significant acts of goodness he cited is that charity, “the pure love of Christ” (Moro. 7:47), is not an act but a condition or state of being. Charity is attained through a succession of acts that result in a conversion."

I think we show our charity daily by how we respond to other people and in our day to day challenges. For example, a woman in RS told about how her daughter kept trying to help her in the kitchen. She felt like she could do it faster by herself but decided that her daughter mattered more than the task at hand. I think it is little examples like that where we can choose to exemplify charity in our lives.

My husband has shown me a lot of charity lately in this last stretch of my pregnancy. He is patient and understanding, even when I start whimpering about some pain I'm having in the middle of the night. His attitude shows me that he wants to be there to help me. He tries to understand what I'm going through and why I get so emotional sometimes. He gives me the benefit of the doubt, even sometimes when maybe I don't deserve it so much.

I pray that you all can know that you are just like diamonds in so many ways. Learn to reflect the light of Christ by cultivating charity in your character.

Love you all!

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