Monday, November 23, 2009

In the spirit of...

As I lay awake waiting for sleep to accompany me, I realized that I was feeling quite thankful about many things and wanted to acknowledge everything. It seems like I always have my best ideas when I am trying to fall asleep too. But then I can never remember them in the morning. So I'm making an exception.

I first want to say how thankful I am for this blog and how much it has helped me. Sometimes helping others makes me more happy than anything else in the world. (Okay, actually when is that not the case, right?) I hope you other authors feel the same way, like contributing on here has a special way of giving back to you. I also get a lot from reading the posts daily and then trying to find something uplifting to say in response to them.

Next I want to briefly state how thankful I am for my husband. For a long time I didn't think there was someone like him out there. I thought no one would ever understand me and that I'd feel alone forever. And then magically he showed up and was everything I ever needed or wanted. No he isn't totally perfect, but he's darn near close to it so I can't complain in the least. One thing that has been hard for me with the end of this pregnancy is that I can't cuddle up close to him like usual because my belly is so huge and it makes me feel nauseous whenever I lean over. It will be nice to have that back.

Finally I want to express gratitude about personal growth. I've been in many situations in my life where I felt like I didn't know how to handle things. But when I've been able to just keep at it, then I really grow. Living down here in TX and being away from family has definitely been one of those things. I've grown in ways that were absolutely impossible had I not made the move. And I've met some amazing people from living down here that have totally changed my perspective on life. I'm thankful for these kind of situations that challenge our thinking and encourage each of us to grow. I think having a baby will be the next on that list.

For you authors, if you don't already have something you want to post about then feel free to continue the theme of gratitude. Tell us about how this blog has helped your spirituality and dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. And feel free to talk about anything else you are feeling particularly thankful for.

Love ya'll!


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  1. I feel the same way about moving away from my family. After high school I knew that I needed to be out on my own in order to grow more. That is why I went to Arizona for college. It was the best choice I ever made and it made moving to California an exciting adventure instead of a scary endeavor. Besides, Josh and I have grown so much by being on our own! I am so glad that we had to lean only on each other and keep family out of our marriage.



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