Monday, November 30, 2009


"Uplifting traditions play a significant role in leading us toward the things of the Spirit. Those that promote love for Deity and unity in families and among people are especially important."
(Cultivate Righteous Traditions by Elder Hallstrom of the 70)

Because we are now getting more focused on the Christmas season, I have decided to talk about traditions today. I took some classes at BYU while I was there and learned the importance of families doing traditions together and how they can really cement a family unit as well as give each family member a sense of identity within the family.

I think it is important to talk about now since we are just starting our families and will be starting traditions together that our kids will grow up with and learn to count on and look forward to.

When I was growing up we have had several traditions that we did throughout the years. I always looked forward to the family parties we had where I could see my cousins and enjoy the activities that were planned. We would sometimes do the dutch tradition where we put our shoes under the Christmas tree before bed and hope to find something special inside them in the morning if we had been good. We'd make treats or presents for the neighbors and then sing them a Christmas carol when we went over to deliver them. There were a lot of fun things we did, but my favorite was the nativity FHE.

During this FHE, we would get out the nativity box that had all the characters of the nativity wrapped up in newspaper and cloths. Each of us kids took turns unwrapping each character and telling what their story was. We always were jealous of whoever got to unwrap the baby Jesus. After we unwrapped each one, we would set them up on display for the rest of the Christmas season.

Growing up with these traditions always made me feel closer to my family. I wanted to stay home more often during the Christmas season since there was always something fun to do. I have a testimony of the power of family traditions and that they can bring a family closer together. I would love to hear in a comment what your family has done during the holiday season to make it extra special.

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  1. Christmas Eve is the day of importance in my family. We gather at my folk's home and have a Jerusalem Supper. It is a meal that Mary and Joseph possibly would have had (figs, dates, grapes, crackers (for the unleavened bread)cheeses, etc. My parents usually have a fish or some other type of white meat to go along with the meal. We always have grape juice with Sprite and lime added to it to drink. Delicious! All this is eaten by candlelight. After dinner we then go into the living room and have a mini talent show, and sing carols. We then read Luke 2, and have a nativity with the little ones. I really look forward to Christmas Eve more than I do Christmas Day. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our traditions!

    P.S. I am loving the new background. It is classy.

  2. I remember we did something like that when we lived in the Dahl house. It was really fun. I'm glad you like the background, hopefully everyone else does too!

  3. For a long time my family had the tradition that we would open one present on Christmas Eve. It was always pajamas for us to wear to bed and open presents in on Christmas morning. Then all of the kids would sleep in one room together and we would stay up late talking and playing (anticipating the arrival of Santa). I loved that tradition because I felt a lot closer to my brothers and sister on those nights. Now that we are grown up we have lost most traditions. I really miss them!

  4. I have added you to LDS listings. THANKS!

  5. My very favorite part of Christmas is much like Amy's tradition. On Christmas Eve we would have a Dinner in Bethlehem with pita bread and the like, and eat by candlelight. Then we would have a testimony meeting with the lights dimmed, and it was always so wonderful to hear my siblings bearing testimony that special night every year. It has been so devastating for me to let that tradition go as it has dwindled that past few years because my siblings all have found new things they do with their families on that night. It is something I will definitely do with my children and I hope they will carry on with theirs.



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