Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cherish Each Day

I got this in the Family Gems a couple days ago:
"Near the end of his life, one father looked back on how he had spent his time on earth. An acclaimed, respected author of numerous scholarly works, he said, 'I wish I had written one less book and taken my children fishing more often.' Time passes quickly. Many parents say that it seems like yesterday that their children were born. Now those children are grown, perhaps with children of their own. 'Where did the years go?' they ask. We cannot call back time that is past, we cannot stop time that now is, and we cannot experience the future in our present state. Time is a gift, a treasure not to be put aside for the future but to be used wisely in the present."

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Ashley G. and her daughter came to visit us this past week and it was fantastic. It was so nice, I ended up moping around yesterday (they left that morning) wishing the week hadn't gone by too fast. Then I looked at my son... the boy who is about to turn two and began to mope some more. He's growing, changing, (along with his little sister) and some days I forget to stop and enjoy the little things that mean much more than finishing the laundry.

I seem to relearn this lesson every few weeks, and I hope to never stop. I want to live the best I can in the present, so I can cherish my memories and look forward to tomorrow. So---don't forget to cherish each day because what you have right now is most important.

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