Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quiet Time

In studying talks from last General Conference, to prepare for this weekend, a section of Sister Matsumori's talk, Helping Others Recognize the Whisperings of the Spirit, really spoke to me. Keeping in mind the title and subject of the talk, I decided to listen. :)

She explains how we help others recognize the spirit by understanding the Holy Ghost, sharing personal testimonies, and providing an environment where the Spirit can be felt. My 'ah-ha' moment came when she spoke of the places we feel the Spirit:
The challenge for each of us is in providing an environment where the Spirit can be felt daily in our homes and weekly at church.

One reason we are encouraged to pray and read the scriptures every single day is that both of these activities invite the Spirit into our homes and into the lives of our family members.

Because the Spirit is often described as a still, small voice, it is also important to have a time of quiet in our lives as well. The Lord has counseled us to “be still, and know that I am God.” If we provide a still and quiet time each day when we are not bombarded by television, computer, video games, or personal electronic devices, we allow that still, small voice an opportunity to provide personal revelation and to whisper sweet guidance, reassurance, and comfort to us.

I have come to know just how important this quiet time is. As always, I struggle with consistency, so I notice a huge difference on the days that I have a few minutes to gather myself and connect with myself spiritually and the days I 'don't have the time.' I seem to have more time to do the things I need to accomplish, feel the Spirit, teach my children, and keep my house in order on those days I take a few minutes and recharge.

So---even though I'm using the computer to tell you this, I want to issue a challenge: unplug for 15-30 minutes each day. Use the time to study the gospel, and begin to recognize how the Spirit communicates with you. Use some of your time this weekend to ponder your feelings about the Savior and the Prophets. After all, it is Easter and General Conference. :)

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