Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crowded Time = Trial of Faith

Since Trish was nice enough to share one of her favorite quotes, I thought I'd share one of mine. One thing I've always had a problem with is not having enough time to do everything I need/want to do; this was magnified by 1000 during college. I was required for my major (Elementary Education) to take a class to help us connect the spiritual and secular sides of teaching and one of the articles we were required to read was "Education for Real Life," by President Henry B. Eyring. In it he states:

There is another way to look at your problem of crowded time. You can see it as an opportunity to test your faith. The Lord loves you and watches over you. He is all-powerful, and He promised you this: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt. 6:33).

That is a true promise. When we put God’s purposes first, He will give us miracles. If we pray to know what He would have us do next, He will multiply the effects of what we do in such a way that time seems to be expanded. He may do it in different ways for each individual, but I know from long experience that He is faithful to His word.

(Bold and Italics Added)

I have been a constant receiver of this blessing. I notice how different my day becomes when I don't put God and His kingdom on my list of priorities. I'm more edgy because I didn't get everything done; sometimes I blame it on my husband or toddler, but the blame lies with me because I didn't start off with the right attitude.

Heavenly Father watches over us in all things and, as long as we serve Him and His children, He will bless us. Those blessings will come because we took the time to look to Him.


  1. I guess you meant "crowded" time in the title? Great post! I have definitely witnessed miracles when I put God first in my life and think about what he wants me to make of my life!

  2. Thanks for the gentle reminder--- I fixed it!



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