Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Lord's Law of Health

My new calling is teaching the investigator class during Sunday School (or the Gospel Essentials class), so many of my posts will probably stem from my lessons each week. This week the lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. I wanted to share something that I have thought about frequently over the past few years, but has now been confirmed to me through this lesson. The question that I have been thinking about for a long time now is whether or not it is okay for members to drink caffeine. I had personally come to the conclusion that I should not drink caffeine, but I felt like I needed further confirmation that caffeine should be avoided. I know that this is a very controversial subject but I want to quote from the church website (click HERE if you want to read more). "We should avoid all drinks that contain harmful drugs." I have personally felt the effects of living a caffeine free life. In my chosen profession I am constantly surrounded by others who just can't seem to function without their caffeinated beverages (whether they be coffee, tea, or caffeinated soda). I see the addiction that is there and each day I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given us the word of wisdom to guide us in our choices. I know that my body is healthier and that I have more energy to perform my daily duties. Not to mention I have more money in my pocket because I mostly drink water!

Another quick note on the word of wisdom that I want to share is the promised blessings that we receive when we obey the word of wisdom. In D&C 89 the Lord promises that the destroying angel shall pass us by. Elder Spencer W. Kimball said that in our time this means we will be saved from spiritual death. "For observing the Word of Wisdom the reward is life, not only prolonged mortal life but life eternal." What a great blessing that is and I know that if we obey this commandment to keep our bodies pure and healthy we will gain eternal life and will never know the sadness of heartache of experiencing spiritual death.


  1. You know, I have felt 100% better by just drinking water. I hardly drink anything else. Occasionally I'll have some juice but I figure the body is 70% water, not 70% soda, juice, milk, or something else!
    My brother complained to me of having his sore throat come back and I said to him that he should swap out the Diet Coke for just plain old water. He was a bit surprised, wondering how water could solve this problem of his. I had to explain to him about how water regulates every cellular process. He said that made sense. So anyway, I'm glad we have the Word of wisdom to guide us in these last days.
    I feel like the rest of the world (including church members who aren't trying hard to follow the W or W) is/are so confused about what to put in their bodies. They just don't seem to know what good health is.
    I was proud of myself yesterday, because our Sunday school class is constantly asking us if we bring treats/snacks for them. Finally I just said, you know I try to bring a snack for myself since I'm pregnant, but its usually something healthy and I know that isn't exactly what you are wanting. I think maybe they'll stop bugging me about it for now. Or they were planning to bring treats themselves. I guess it's up to their parents.
    Sorry for such a long comment. I'm just in that "go on and on" mode or something...

  2. I have definitely felt a change since I gave up caffeine ten years ago (wow, that long)---people don't realize how addicting it can be.



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