Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Worth of Souls

Forgive me. My day is Thursday, and I'm well aware today is Saturday. Sorry!

Our home teachers came over last week, and we discussed President Monson's talk in the latest Enisgn. He used this wonderful analogy (he is so good at them!) about sugar beets, and how if they bounced out of the truck, the farmer would stop and pick up every single one. He likened this to all of us; to our Heavenly Father, we are just as valuable as the next person.

Our home teacher went on to tell us about a seminar he once attended. In this seminar, they explained the importance of seeing people as people instead of as objects. They went on to say if people did so, there would be less violence and more patience.

I thought about this and how true this is. I began to look back to all the jobs I've had. When there was a conflict at work, (a customer tipped me badly, someone was rude to me, or that kid just won't settle down!) things DID run smoother when I tried to remember these people are people with emotions, feelings, and bad days, just like me.

I then thought about my husband and family, and all the conflicts we've had over the years. I thought about the times I lashed out at them, and the times they lashed out on me. They might have been resolved much less painfully had we both remembered we are all people.

I then thought about my Heavenly Father, and all the times I've probably disappointed or saddened Him. He has never forgotten me, he has never forgotten my worth, and he has always seen me as a person with feelings, thoughts, and fears. What an example to have!

As the school year starts again, I am preparing myself physically and mentally. I am buying all the neccessary supplies, I'm rearranging the desks and chairs, and I'm planning out the curriculum. This lesson, I believe has helped me prepare spiritually. I will strive to see these kids as sons and daughters of God, who are just as valuable and worthy as anyone else.


  1. How funny, my husband and I were talking over this very topic last night over dinner! I think it relates a lot into forgiveness and grudge bearing. If you can remember that all people are actual people and very rarely have intent to hurt you, it is a lot easier to forgive them than if you just look at the pain they caused you. If you have a grudge against someone it generally hurts you a lot more than it hurts them, and if you could just see things from their perspective you could understand that whatever happened was probably un-intentional.
    Thank you for sharing this and shedding more light on our topic of conversation. I may have to bring it up again with him and share some of your insight. :)

  2. I love that you wrote about treating people as people and not as objects! I've been thinking about that for a long time but haven't actually talked to anyone about it. Sometimes I think with all the commercialism that surrounds us today, and getting whatever you need so easily that it makes people think they don't need to stop and think about the human side of each other.

    Its kind of like the Christmas Carol, how Scrooge is so rich and used to having whatever he wants so he treats his employee like an object instead of realizing he has needs and a family.

    I think seeing people as people- or even taking it a step further and seeing them as brothers and sisters, children of God- makes everything go smoother!

  3. I agree with both of you, and I still feel like it's something I still need to work on...



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