Sunday, July 19, 2009

Patriarchal Blessings

When I was 16 years old I decided that I was ready to receive my patriarchal blessing. I was very excited, but also very nervous. I was told to fast and pray before going to receive it and at the time I prayed for one specific answer to come through my patriarchal blessing. I prayed that my patriarchal blessing would confirm to me that I would have the opportunity to be a mother. When I received my patriarchal blessing my prayers were answered and it was confirmed to me that I would have that opportunity.

Three months ago I had a miscarriage and became very discouraged that I would not be able to have children naturally. Through out these last months I have been praying for comfort and I recently was guided to my patriarchal blessing. I know that my blessing is personal revelation for me, from a loving Heavenly Father who knows my needs and my desires. I know that if I can have faith and continue to do my best in living the gospel of Jesus Christ that I will be blessed.

President Monson said, "Your patriarchal blessing is yours and yours alone. It may be brief or lengthy, simple or profound. Length and language do not a patriarchal blessing make. It is the Spirit that conveys the true meaning. Your blessing is not to be folded neatly and tucked away. It is not to be framed or published. Rather, it is to be read. It is to be loved. It is to be followed. Your patriarchal blessing will see you through the darkest night. It will guide you through life’s dangers.... Your patriarchal blessing is to you a personal Liahona to chart your course and guide your way."

It has been over two years since I last read my patriarchal blessing. When was the last time that you read yours? I encourage you all to turn to it weekly, if not daily, for guidance and comfort. And if you have not yet received your patriarchal blessing I encourage you to do so. It has brought me much comfort throughout my life and I have seen many things fulfilled within it.


  1. How funny that you wrote about this, I was just thinking of how I needed to go back and study mine. It has been a while for me too!
    I also have wondered if the blessing of being a mother would ever be realized, mine also speaks of having children but I wondered if they would come naturally or if I would end up adopting. I really wanted to have my own children, and I guess now I know I can! Nick said he always knew we would eventually be able to, but he didn't tell me that until I got pregnant.
    I think sometimes we have trials like these so that we will appreciate the blessing when it comes. Some mothers may take it for granted at times, and since we've had trials, we (will) know what a blessing it is to finally have one!

  2. Wow! First of all, thank you for sharing something that was obviouly a meaningful and probably intimate part of your life. I really have respect for people who do that; it must take a lot of courage.

    Second, your story really has motivated me go and read mine. Maybe there might be something to help me today!

  3. Yes, thank you for sharing such a private moment. Isn't it interesting how at some point or another we (women) have these moments of self-doubt. It took us a while to get pregnant with our first child, and I had so many of these moments during that time. I remember turning to my blessing, which also talks about being a mother. It's almost as if these intimate blessings were put on the earth to remind us to keep working toward our goals.



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