Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gospel Priorities & Our Homes

I got this as a Family Gem a few days ago and kept it in my inbox in case I felt like posting it today. I kept thinking about this quote during this time and knew I was supposed to post it. Read it

“Imagine that you are opening your front door and walking inside your home. What do you see, and how do you feel? Is it a place of love, peace, and refuge from the world, as is the temple? Is it clean and orderly? As you walk through the rooms of your home, do you see uplifting images which include appropriate pictures of the temple and the Savior? Is your bedroom or sleeping area a place for personal prayer? Is your gathering area or kitchen a place where food is prepared and enjoyed together, allowing uplifting conversation and family time? Are scriptures found in a room where the family can study, pray, and learn together? Can you find your personal gospel study space? Does the music you hear or the entertainment you see, online or otherwise, offend the Spirit? Is the conversation uplifting and without contention? That concludes our tour. Perhaps you, as I, found a few spots that need some ‘home improvement’—hopefully not an ‘extreme home makeover.’ ” “Whether our living space is large or small, humble or extravagant, there is a place for each of these gospel priorities in each of our homes.”

Gary E. Stevenson, “Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples,” Ensign, May 2009, 102

Now, take a minute to pick one or two things to work on in your own home. Kudos, if you don't need to work on any--- as for my family we are trying to get into the habit of turning the TV off more, especially right before our toddler goes to bed so we can read a scripture story or two then say a family prayer. I notice on the nights we do our routine, my husband and I tend to go to bed shortly after our son, rather than a hour and a half to two hours later.

I'd venture to guess that if we work on making the gospel a priority in our home, then the spirit will never leave us, even when we have to step out into the world.


  1. Thanks! This makes me think a lot! Nick and I are looking forward to having enough money in a few months to be able to buy a couple new things. (Or not, who knows!) It will give us a chance to redecorate and review what the living space is centered around.

  2. I think this is something I don't necessarily think about all the time. Thanks for helping me to remember this!

  3. I love this thought! I grew up in a home that was loud and "out of sorts" and even thought I loved my family, the Spirit was sometimes hard to hear among all the activity. As I start putting together my own little apartment, I try to make it as peaceful as my mission apartments. It's sometimes hard to not have the radio or TV on constantly, but my mind is better able to relax and I feel the Spirit more.



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