Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome to the blog!

There are a few things we need to decide on:

Such as-
Who is going to blog on what day
If this blog is going to be private to authors, or have added readers, or be public
And who is going to snazz it up- or we could just take turns if ya'll want to

I would like Monday for my post, if that is alright. Let me know what you think.


  1. Lets see! First off I think it should be public, that way we have the opportunity to do a little missionary work! Can I post on Sundays? If not then I would love Fridays!

  2. PS: It would be fun to take turns, or we could each throw a design up and then we could vote on which one we like best.

  3. So, also I was thinking that if any of you want to put out an invitation for blog authors on your blog to help contribute, then we could get a few more people. So far there are four authors, I'm just waiting for email addresses to finish inviting everyone.

  4. I'm thinking Wednesday---I'll tackle Hump Day!

    Regarding the design--- I think it all depends on what we want to see (color and theme wise) with the design because it could go many ways...

  5. I don't really care what day I contribute. Just give me a day, I'm pretty flexible right now!

  6. Why not Thursday, Jackie? Will that work for you?



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