Friday, February 19, 2010

Be Thou An Example of the Believers

Yes, a video again. I will be so happy when my house is done and I can actually have time to breathe again. But for now, I have to take the easy way out and leave you with another video.

I weeped when I saw this video. Possibly because I know the girl, Brittany. She and I were very close special friends. Granted, I am ten years older than her, but she holds a special place in my heart. She is so kind and good and charitable. It did my heart good to see that so many other people love her as much as I do, and that they would go to such lengths to make her happy. When we do small things for others, it is amazing how it can effect them. I hope we can all learn from the example of these high school girls, and be a little more charitable, a little more Christlike.

1 comment:

  1. I think a video is just what I needed today. Thanks for posting it. That was sweet. Syracuse High School though? Is it new? A replacement for Clearfield?



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