Thursday, February 18, 2010

God Notices The Little Things

There is such a beautiful thing in being surrounded by people we love. I think that's what heaven will be like, and that's why we love it so much here. Nothing cures my blues like going to hang out with family and friends, and lately I am so grateful to have so many of them nearby.

There is also something beautiful about seeing your loved ones living the gospel in their homes. I was invited to dinner at my VT partner's house and loved seeing them do family home evening and their children take turns reading. Then I stayed at my SIL's house for a night and loved seeing her attempt to teach her small toddlers from the nursery manual and make sure to have evening family prayer. These people are such examples to me and how I would like my home to be.

Even though these things seemed very small, Heavenly Father notices their efforts and I know they are blessed for trying. Somewhere along the road, that toddler will begin to see the pattern and will learn, even if he is bouncing off the walls right now or just singing about a snowman. It is amazing to me how God works on us in small and simple ways.

I find comfort in knowing God is watching my efforts when I have to take Isaac out of sacrament meeting for the 10th Sunday in a row and wonder why we even bother coming to church anymore. I am doing it for HIM afterall, and eventually Isaac will recognize the pattern of sitting in church and it will be stability for him. I am so thankful my mother fought for 25 long years to bring her 9 children to church, no matter what happened. I can't imagine how many times she had to wander the halls with babies and didn't get a single word from the speakers or lessons, but her efforts have built in me a reverence and devotion for worshipping on Sunday, and they give me such strength knowing that I can follow her example.

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