Monday, February 22, 2010

The Ensign is for all nations

Today I want to talk about the Ensign magazine that our church puts out every month. Growing up I wasn't completely aware of what a wonderful and significant item this is. Consider this: when in all the world's history has there been a time where prophets and apostles of God have sent out publications throughout all the world containing their words (God's will) for members of the church?

Answer: umm....never before the Ensign...

We have scriptures and they are wonderful things. They teach about many great men and women and we can learn lessons from them. Also we need to study the Ensign every month. It is something written with all of today's struggles and challenges kept in mind. I remember when I just left on my mission and I was reading an article in the Ensign. As I read it I was nearly overcome with tears because I knew that it was written to help not only people close to me with a specific challenge but others who struggled similarly.

Have you read this month's Ensign yet? There are some amazing articles about:
*How to choose the right when everyone around you is choosing wrong (pg 22)
*How to put family first, ahead of other worthy pursuits (pg 16)
*Learning to Love Learning (pg 26) I love this one especially and have a strong testimony that it is so relevant to members of the church today!
*Partaking worthily of the sacrament (pg 31)

Honestly if you aren't reading the Ensign every month then can you honestly say that you are fully aware of the Lord's will for your life? Maybe you (and I) aren't always living up to all our blessings and privileges because we aren't doing "all that we can do". You can find out easily enough though, just read the Ensign!!

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  1. I love the Ensign. I haven't finished reading this months issue but I have loved everything I have read. I always learn so much from reading it every month!



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