Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Are Meant to Live for So Much More

I love the music group Switchfoot. They always have such great Christian messages behind their songs. Although, there have been a few times when I've been reading Abinadi's story in the Book of Mormon when their song, "On Fire" has come on my iPod and I chuckle a little bit at the randomstance.

Last week the Switchfoot song, "We Were Meant to Live for So Much More" came on the radio and I started thinking about the message behind it. It's about a boy that is feeling down and depressed about how he can't seem to succeed in life and wondering if he can ever get out of his funk. I know that I have felt this way before. As I was lying in bed thinking about it last night and I came to this conclusion. We were meant to live for more than to focus on our failures. We were meant to live for more than to compare ourselves to others. We were meant to live for more than to daydream of what could have been and how hard things can be. My mission president said it best, "That which you focus on expands." In the end, we were meant to live so that we could grow, overcome, progress, and have faith on the Lord. We were meant to live for our families to be able to experience those things with us. We weren't meant to live for the world, but for the world after this one where, through the Atonement, everything will be made right.

My challenge to each of you and to myself is to live for the Lord every day and thank Him for the second (and third and fourth) chances that He gives us.

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  1. Switchfoot is one of my favs too! Great application!



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