Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Atonement Sundae

Here's the part where I introduce myself, just like everyone else. My name is Jackie Isom, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. My husband and I actually met on our mission in San Antonio Texas, and once we got home, were married shortly after. In our case, when you know, you know. I am currently teaching 5th grade, and T is working on getting his nursing certificate. We like to think of ourselves as still in our newlywed phase, but I'm thinking things might change just a little bit; we're having a baby who's due in January. You'd think since I served my mission in San Antonio, Texas, I'd know Tricia that way. In reality, we're cousins! Every time my family would travel to Utah, I'd spent a lot of time at Trish's house because my brothers and sister were around the same age as her siblings. We even went to EFY together; that was a very special summer memory for me. Tricia and I have a very large extended family, but I have always felt she was one of the closest cousins I had! I feel like her and I have a lot in common. It's just lucky coincidence she nows lives in my old mission!

In church this week, the speaker described this beautiful analogy I had never heard before, and I felt it was something I needed to hear this week. She was talking about relationships compared to making a sundae. She described a servant/master relationship would create the sundae in a way that the servant would put all the scoops of ice cream and toppings on themselves. The servant would basically do all the work, and the master would put the cherry on top and take all the credit for making it. In a friend relationship, the sundae is created together. Both parties build the sundae, doing equal parts of the work.

In our relationship with the Savior, He does ALL the work. He scoops all the ice cream, and creates all the toppings. He even puts toppings on there we've never heard of, and are more glorious than we ever thought possible. Only then does he give us the spoon and asks us to partake.

Sometimes I feel like I'm so alone, so isolated, as we all do at times. During those times, it's important to remember He already did all the work. All I need to do is bask in all the wonderful blessings I've received because of His sacrifice. He's made so many things possible for all of us, and we are asked to do so little in return.

When facing the adversity, we need to remember the delicious gift we've been given by our loving Heavenly Father.


  1. Atonement: delicious for us, not so much for the Savior (what a bitter cup)! Thanks for that insight. Make sure to remember to click "Publish" if you are doing the posting ahead of time. If you just click "Save" then you'll have to go back and publish it later on. I know, it's weird and it took me a while to figure it out too. (I assume that is what you did because it didn't publish on its own, I had to publish it for you.)

  2. Speaking of sweet analogies of the Atonement, there is one called Seminary Donuts that has always meant a lot to me. A copy of it can be found at:



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