Friday, August 21, 2009

Tender Mercies

I just want to talk a little about the tender mercies we receive every day. I know this is a topic that is much discussed, but it has been on my mind nearly all week. I have tried to make it a habit to notice when the Lord's hand plays a part in my life. I noticed it quite a bit yesterday and would like to share the seemingly small incidences which strengthened my testimony.

I had a baby appointment and had scheduled it to be right during my son's nap time so he could get his nap, not stress out a sitter (he is a momma's boy) and everyone would be happy. To make things go even smoother I enlisted my mother to be the sitter, which she happily agreed to. Late Wednesday night she called me to inform me that she couldn't make it. I was a little worried but not too much since there is an abundance of Young Women in my ward who all adore my son, and it would have been right during his nap time. No sweat, right? Wrong. The Young Women were all busy, and calling them an hour and a half before the appointment started wasn't the best way to get results. I then called all the sisters in the ward that I could think of who I knew would be around. No one was around.

After I was about to asphyxiate due to my stress level, my mother called and we figured out a way she could come... if I could get my appointment changed for later that day. I said a silent prayer as I dialed the office, and what luck! There was only one opening- at the exact time I needed! Tender Mercy!

As I drove to the appointment I was hot and tired. That is nothing new, but it didn't put me in the best mood. Remembering a time earlier when I had gone to my appointment and gotten the ideal parking spot, I again said a prayer that I could get a good spot to park so as I wouldn't have to walk very far in the hot sun. Guess what. I was only 5 stalls away from the front door. Tender Mercy!

These experiences along with many many others have fortified my testimony that Heavenly Father is always with us. He wants us to be happy. He cares about even our smallest desires. I know that the more we look for His hand in our lives, the more we will see it. The more we thank Him for blessing us so richly, the more we will see the many ways he has and continues to bless us. He is a loving father who wants us to be happy, and wants the best for us.

I would like to invite you all to take time today and find the tender mercies in your lives. Find the ways that He has guided or influenced your life in any way. I know that as we all do this our testimonies and love for our Father in Heaven will be strengthened and we will find the strength we need in the areas in our lives where we are struggling.

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