Monday, August 31, 2009

Lord, is it I?

Nick and I have been doing better at our scripture study. We currently are reading the New Testament, and just finished reading the book of Matthew. The last time I read the New Testament was when I was in the MTC, and I read it all in a couple of weeks. This time it was nice to read just one chapter a night and ponder on it a bit longer than before.

After reading about the betrayal of Peter and of Judas, I was thinking "Who then is really safe and can know that they won't betray Christ?" After reading the passages I was thinking that Peter wasn't even aware that he was denying Christ when he did. But how could he not know? Judas obviously knew what he was doing, but then felt really bad about it afterward.

Today it is not likely to happen the same as back then. No one is going to come up and ask us if we are one of Christ's disciples. But we do make that statement in different ways. For example, how we speak, how we dress, how we spend our time on the Sabbath day, and whether or not we do what we have covenanted to do-it all speaks volumes about whether or not we are one of the disciples of Christ.

We probably don't realize that by the little things we do and how we choose to live, we are making a bold statement about whose side we are on. It is only too easy to fall into a path that is much like Peter, who said he would never deny Christ but then did just that, moments later.

So next time temptation is in front of you to do contrary to what you know is right, just think of Peter who knew not that he would deny Christ before the cock crowed thrice.


  1. I love your take on how we can betray Christ today. I agree that we need to be ever aware of our actions and choices.

    I heard a talk while I was on my mission (sorry, don't have a source, so I can't back it up.) The guy who was speaking suggested that Christ commanded Peter to betray him. Christ knew that if Peter was killed that night for being a follower than the work of the Gospel would be greatly hindered, so it wasn't Peter's lack of faith or fear that drove him to deny the Savior, rather it was a commandment for him to deny thrice. I have since studied that scripture and can see it going both ways, so I am not sure of exactly what happened, but either way, we can learn a lesson from Peter. Either we can be obedient even though it is extremely difficult and goes against everything we believe, or we can carefully watch ourselves so we can keep from betrayal. Thank you so much for sharing this, and again, I love your take on it!

  2. I think you're so right! Our daily, seemingly insignificant, actions really show whose side we're on. Thanks for your thoughts.



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