Monday, August 17, 2009

Gems from Stake Conference

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

This past weekend we had Stake Conference. I wanted to get a lot out of it, but being forced to sit back in the gym made it harder for me to pay attention. However I did take a few notes on things said that I thought were worth repeating. So I'll apologize now if this post gets to be just a jumble of thoughts.

1. "Don't be grumpy, that doesn't attract people."
This thought was given during a talk about missionary work. What a difference it can make if we are cheerful on a daily basis instead of being grumpy and negative? No one is going to care what you think if you are constantly radiating a negative vibe. Therefore, perk up and shine forth!

2. "We are not the light, Christ is the light. Our job is to reflect His light that is given to us into dark places."
I liked this thought, but don't have anything clever to say to expound upon it.

3. "Have a greater concern about our own ability to give love than to receive it. That makes us more lovable."
It is funny how these things work. (Forget yourself and find yourself mentality.) But that is how it works. Sometimes we might be afraid of what will happen to ourselves if we think too much about other people's welfare, but that is when we truly find ourselves.

4. "Have family M.U.S.T. time."
Instead of family scripture reading time, think about "mutually understanding scriptures together". When I was growing up, it was all about racing through the scriptures and getting to the end by a certain point. But if you focus on the journey instead of the destination you might be surprised when you find more hidden gems along the way.


  1. I really like M.U.S.T. Time concept. There is a woman that I used to work with that gave each of her young children a set of scriptures and some crayons and had them draw pictures of what was going on while they were reading. Her son mentioned it at his mission farewell and how it enhanced his love of the scriptures. I definitely put it on my list to do with my own kids someday.

  2. Thanks for putting down the notes; I love to take them and it's kind of hard when you're running after a 15 month old! :)

    Great things to think about and improve upon!

  3. I especially like the one that says don't be grumpy, it doesn't attract people. I completely agree. I think that is why people feel so comfortable around Josh. He is always positive. I bet Nick is the same way, given that they are from the same cheerful parents.

    I also like the MUST one. I have never heard of that, but I have found that when I take my time reading my scriptures I get more out of them.

  4. I really appreciate the idea of not being grumpy. More people will want to be around you if you try to be happy!



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