Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get to Work

On Sunday, my brother gave his homecoming talk in Sacrament. It was a wonderful look at faith and works. He talked about how important it is to have faith, but as we know, faith alone will not save you. Faith without works is dead. It is great to have faith, but even more so to have faith and get to work!

In his talk, my brother shared this quote by Pres. Hinc
"Your faith will perform miracles-- especially when you get your hands and feet involved."
He also gave a similar analogy-- He said that faith can move
mountains, but how much faster will that happen if you grab a shovel and get to digging?

I really like this idea. Through our faith, God can perform many miracles and answer many prayers. But that's only if we, His instruments, are willing to work! Faith is worthless if we are
sitting on the couch every day or being selfish by keeping to ourselves. We must go out and serve others, share our light, and get to work as God's hands.

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