Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ebb and flow

I apologize for my lack of posting yesterday. I think my brain heard the word "holiday" and went on vacation. I just barely remembered this morning that I was supposed to post yesterday and didn't. So hopefully this will be fabulous enough to make up for my obvious lack of coherency.

Nick and I seem to have an ebb and flow with scripture reading. Right now we are having a flow. We are doing really well together. We read every night before we go to bed. Sometimes one of us isn't feeling well or is very tired. When that happens the other person reads the entire chapter. But usually we take turns reading every night.

I notice the same pattern happen every time the scripture study ebbs. Nick and I don't seem to have the same closeness and loving regard for each other. (Not to say we stop loving, we just aren't as loving.) Somethings get between us and threaten to push us apart. Tears ensue and bring overwhelming feelings of doubt and fear.

On the other hand, when the scripture study is flowing, our relationship is totally different. We are more understanding of each other. We feel more concern for the other person. It feels like we just got married again and back from our honeymoon.

I can personally acknowledge and bear witness that having daily scripture study brings a spirit into a marital relationship that nothing else can take the place of. This spirit binds you together and strengthens a marriage. It makes you happier. It saves a marriage from being torn apart. It strengthens your spirits so that it is easier to deal with challenges or problems that happen and can really try your marriage. No matter how many times you've read the scriptures, always make them a priority.

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