Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Lord's Timing

Have you ever felt like you simply don't understand the Lord's will for you? When trials come into my life I often struggle to understand why. Lately I have begun to realize that we do not always need to know why we are given a specific trial to overcome. All we really need to do is have faith that the Lord knows best and he will guide you to where you need to be (at the right time). This talk by Dallin H. Oaks is excellent and I really encourage you all to read it! It is called, "The Right Thing, at the Right Time."

My favorite quote from this talk is the following:

“Since faith in the timing of the Lord may be tried, let us learn to say not only, ‘Thy will be done,’ but patiently also, ‘Thy timing be done.’ ”

The Lord's timing can sometimes be a frustrating thing, especially when your desires are in line with the teachings of the gospel. Since my miscarriage I have been struggling with why we haven't been blessed with a child. The Lord has commanded us to get married and multiply and replenish the earth, so why would the Lord make us wait? The answer is unclear and we may not understand the why until we pass through the veil, but I am finally beginning to understand that there are things I must learn before I will be the best mother I can be. The Lord knows us best, He knows what is best for each of us individually. Try to remember this in your trials. If you do it will be much easier to remain faithful and endure to the end.


  1. Meagan, my heart goes out to you! It's hard because you think that without birth control you should be able to get pregnant anytime. (I thought this, anyway.) And then the months start passing, after a year I was really wondering what was going to happen. I'm actually really happy with the timing that occurred for us on the pregnancy front. It seemed to take forever but I'm definitely more equipped now than I was before to be a better mom. Just keep up the learning and growing and soon you will be blessed like we eventually were! Don't let the negativity win over in your head, try to count your blessings everyday and see the abundance in your life. (Once I finally did, then things started to work out!)

  2. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience. Doesn't it suck sometimes to put our natural 'woman' away and trust in the Lord?

    Everyone on this blog is a great inspiration to me!



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