Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enhancing Your Sabbath

I love getting the Church News! Not only do we know what's happening with the church around the globe, we get brief glimpses of talks the Brethren give as well. Or we get a glimpse into BYU Education Week. In the five years I lived there I never went, and now I feel like I missed a giant opportunity. At least, CN is there to help.

One of the highlighted presenters in the CN was good ol' John Bytheway entitled, "The Best Three Hours of the Week: Getting the Most from Your Sunday Meetings." I have a pretty energetic 16 month old and I have a hard time paying attention on Sunday, so it was nice to have a repremand and ways to improve.

He said the first thing we need to examine is our attitude toward the Sabbath. Then, he used the acronym of CHURCH to offer improvements:

C: Choose
  • The choice to get more out of Sunday meetings actually begins with Saturday night. Don't stay out (or up) too late.
  • Pray for the speakers/teachers, and give yourself a smaller sermon in your mind about whatever topic they are addressing.
H: Holy Sabbath
  • Ezekiel 20: 20: "And hallow my Sabbaths..."
  • Not participating in activities that run over into the Sabbath
U: Unity
  • D&C 38:27: "I say unto you, be one. And if ye are not one, ye are not mine."
R: Respect
  • When you disrespect your called-and-sustained teacher, leaders or advisers, you disrespect the One who called them. In other words, you disrespect the Lord.
C: Covenant
  • The most important thing we do on Sundays is partaking of the Sacrament
  • Elder Holland has suggested Aaronic Priesthood holders wear white shirts when passing
  • Ponder on the Savior during the actual passing of the sacrament---Brother Bytheway thinks about the video "Lamb of God" and when it shows the empty tomb.
H: Holy Ghost
  • It's your job as a listener and my job as the listener as well as the teacher's job (to be in tune with the Spirit) so that we get something out of our meetings
He concludes by saying by reminding that it is our choice to make it (church meetings) exciting and interesting; but, in the end, we are there to worship the Lord. I hope this list can help us all improve our Sabbath worship.

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  1. Probably a sermon I needed to hear as well. My problem is that if people aren't interesting to listen to then I have a hard time tuning into what they say. Most people don't give interesting talks. That's what makes general conference so great because the talks are all written so well. At that point my problem is that my brain needs a break after a while. That's why I try to do something with my hands- crochet, art, or the like. Anyway, sorry to ramble on. Yeah I guess I need to repent...



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