Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Preparing for Conference

The last couple times the end of March and September came around, I have tried, and sometimes failed, to re-read all the conference talks. I know I should spend more of the six months in between studying and pondering the messages, but at least I'm trying. :)

I felt impressed to share something from one of the talks I re-read this past week. In Elder Steven R. Snow's talk, Get On with Our Lives, he gave four things we can do to be prepared for the changes which come as we progress through life:
  1. Follow the Prophets
  2. Keep an Eternal Perspective
  3. Have Faith
  4. Be of Good Cheer
Sounds easy, right? If it were so easy, I highly doubt most of our mortal lives would be 'enduring to the end.' All four are fantastic, however I want to focus on following the prophets. This upcoming weekend, we have a marvelous opportunity to sit and listen to messengers of the Lord; messages which are meant for us... right now.

I encourage us all to do things this weekend to keep us focused on the messages. Pray, take notes, play games meant for primary kids.... do something to allow the Spirit to speak to you! (This includes watching/listening to Saturday's sessions and encouraging our men to go to Priesthood).

We should not think of General Conference as a 'break from church,' if anything it is a spiritual feast. I hope we all have the chance to fully partake of and enjoy the feast!


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I need to be preparing myself for it!
    What's funny is that the above 4 step formula is really quite simple but living in this world makes it harder. There is so much negative influence everywhere and sometimes we don't get a break from it all. (Or take one!) It will be so good to hear the prophets speak to us this weekend!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Ambo. Even though it's not just "a break from church," I'm excited to be able to stay home-- that way Addie can nap during the session so I can pay attention!

  3. I read a blog recently this week that has helped me in preparing myself for Conference. In it she suggested we listen to uplifting music, not allow anything that does not invite the Spirit (not just drives it away, but invites) and most importantly study the scriptures and pray often, keeping a prayer in our hearts so that we might be more receptive to the Spirit by the Saturday morning session and all throughout. I have been following that counsel and have really felt the driving influence of the Spirit in my life. I am so excited to hear what the Lord has to say to me!



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