Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Home Evening

I think that this part of the gospel is so inspired! I love having family home evening activities with Nick. It means that I get his attention and he can't go off on his own or dink around on his computer!

Just kidding, it is more than that. Since we are blessed with the ability to record TV at the moment, we decided to record all the general conference sessions. That makes the FHE lesson so easy! We just rewind to a talk and listen to it together. Then we can pause it and talk about what it means to us. Then after we have an activity and maybe some kind of treat.

Tonight we watched one of the talks from the Sunday afternoon session about missionary work while we folded our laundry and put it away. Somehow I'm always better able to pay attention to conference talks when my hands are busy. Anyway, the speaker was saying how they hoped and prayed for Russia to open up for missionary work when he was a missionary and now his son is serving a mission there!

It was quite exciting and made me wonder if my kids will ever serve missions in China. Who knows, right? It also made me reflect back on my mission. Sometimes it is a sore spot for me, there were such struggles. I wondered what I could have done differently and I why I didn't get along with most of my companions. I guess we "got along" okay enough but I wish I was able to develop relationships with them that were able to stay strong even after getting home.

Fortunately my life's mission is not over and I can still learn from my mistakes. I have learned so much more since I got married and have been able to make positive changes in my life. I think that maybe for me I can make changes easier when I'm not under a lot of pressure but I am in a happy and stable environment. That isn't to say that nothing constructive happened to me on my mission. I just feel fulfilled now and think that my life is going well.

So in conclusion, family home evening can make you really stop and think about things in your life and any changes you might want to make. It can also help you re-evaluate your past and maybe forgive yourself for what you thought were mistakes. It turns out that sometimes the mistakes we make actually help us to grow in ways that we didn't know were possible.

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  1. YAY!! That talk was one of my favorites, too. It's weird how we think things are so impossible and yet, in our lifetime, they actually come to be.



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