Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Gift of Personal Revelation

I hardly know where to start in talking about General Conference. It's like talking about a feast and trying to describe a single bite...

Let me say that I know that if you head into Conference having prayerfully asked for answers and guidance, you will receive them. Many people find these answers in talks that seem to be meant "just for them." Talks that deal specifically with what they needed to know about. This is what happens to me.

Interestingly enough, in the past two or three Conferences, the very first talk has been "just for me." Exactly what I needed to hear. I think this is funny because it says to me that Heavenly Father knows me-- He knows I pay the most attention to the first talk, that I never sleep through the first talk, and that the first talk sets the tone for my attitude towards the whole weekend.

I'm so glad He knows this about me and puts my answers up front like that. :-)

Needless to say that Elder Richard G. Scott's talk about personal inspiration particularly struck me.

He began by saying that it is good when we are compelled to seek personal inspiration rather than following the path of "respected individuals" who made similar decisions. The phrase "respected individuals" first made me think of public personas-- prominent or well-known people in our field of study or community. Now, after thinking on it, "respected individuals" could just as well mean parents, extended family members or friends. What is the right path for one person may not at all be right for another.

He said:
"Father in Heaven knew you would be required to make decisions that were beyond your own ability to decide correctly. ... He included a provision for you to receive help with such challenges and decisions during your mortal life. That assistance will come through the Holy Ghost as personal inspiration."
Personal inspiration is something I have felt a great need of lately. My husband is entering his final year of graduate school and we have been praying to find the answers to life decisions we are trying to make. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father knew that we wouldn't be able to make these decisions on our own! I feel His love when I think that He provided us with a way to get the answers we are seeking.

Elder Scott also said:
"Spirituality brings forth two fruits: 1) inspiration to know what to do, and 2) power-- the ability to do it."
I love this! Spirituality helps us to know what to do and gives us the power to go forth and do it!

Have a lovely week everyone, and may you all get the personal inspiration you are seeking.


  1. This talk was really good, I agree. Fortunately for us we were able to record it and pause it and then Nick had to translate some of it into "Tricia language". I think it is great how Elder Scott can speak so eloquently but it is more my learning style when someone is just direct and to the point. But I always feel love when Elder Scott is speaking, he has such a gentle way of reaching our hearts, doesn't he?

  2. Those two talks really hit home for me. I had been studying personal revelation in my own personal study. I wanted to know how to receive it better. I love that we have this beautiful gift, and am so happy to know I am not expected to make those hard decisions on my own, but will be guided to do what is right. What a wonderful promise and blessing!



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