Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Empty Chairs

I seconded Ash's feelings about not knowing where to start; it was truly a wonderful weekend. I definitely got a lot out of it and feel like I could get so much more! :)

However, if I must mention one talk, I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf and President Eyring's talk about Love. They both mentioned how love is the motivating principle for us, as natural men (and women), to become like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Along with this, I want to mention a couple other gems from President Eyring's talk (if you missed it, the LDS website said text will be available Thursday).
  • Love of others is at the heart of our capacity to obey Him (meaning Christ)
  • Any believing Latter-Day Saint is an optimist of the future
  • Family is the ideal setting to learn how to Love as Christ
  • No Empty Chairs: This means when we look at our family eternally, we should always remember our goal is to have no empty chairs at the celestial family table. We should use love for one another to encourage and lift each other to the goal of eternal happiness.
  • Pray for the love to allow yourself to see the good of your companion
  • Love is persistent
  • Your quality of life will improve as you honor your parents (and I would also add in-laws)
  • We can and must expect to become better as long as we live
May we be motivated to improve our capacity to Love each other, be more like Christ, and keep our chair full.


  1. I like the "no empty chairs" thought. It reminded me of my sister's family motto, "No one is left behind". She made this her family motto after one day when she was running in a marathon and she came across a little girl who was trying to keep up with her parents. She couldn't believe that someone would run a race and not worry about where their daughter was. She was even more surprised when she caught up with the mother of the girl. She didn't show any warm and tender feelings or act like she was the least bit worried. After that, my sister realized what was most important to her in raising her family.

  2. I too love the "no empty chairs" idea. I love that we are told we can't force people in our families to do what is right, but we can love them and pray for them. I love my family and never want to be without any of them. Isn't it wonderful how Conference can make you fall in love all over again?

  3. I love the "No Empty Chairs" saying. My mother in law has said it for years. It wasnt until recently that I really bacame aware of how important this little reminder is and how it should always be a constant reminder to all families. I just did a "No Empty Chairs" craft project so that I will have that reminder lovingly hung on my wall. Check it out on my blog



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