Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to the Basics

I'm so excited about the basic gospel principles being taught this year in Relief Society. Our lesson on Sunday was about coming to know the nature of God, and I think that is probably the most important thing we can accomplish here on this earth, by establishing a relationship with Him.

They talked about how we establish relationships with people around us by talking to them, asking them questions, and listening. If we just went and jabbered about ourself to someone every day, we really wouldn't get to know them, would we? So the way we get to know God is to get on our knees and talk to Him, and then to listen. I think rather than just sitting there waiting for Him to say something immidiately after we pray, we can listen to His voice throughout the day by making time to ponder. That means turning off the radio in the car so we can just think about Him, or making a quiet time to ponder and study the words He's given us.

When we truly make an effort to know Him, I know He will respond and draw closer to us in a way we never could have imagined. He wants to know us, and for us to know Him, because once we understand His intentions for us, I think everything in life will make more sense. And we will feel His guidance and help every day because we know how badly He just wants us to succeed.

One of my favorite scriptures is Doctrine and Covenants section 76 about the three degrees of glory. That whole section just blows me away, because it shows that God intends to give everyone some measure of glory, as much as he can possibly give us with how willing we are to live for it- and the amazing blessings of the celestial kingdom for those who keep their temple covenants are just astounding to me. And He WANTS to give it to us- that was His whole purpose in sending us here. So He will do everything He possibly can to help us keep those covenants, and is sending angels to help us every day.

I know He didn't send us here to condemn us for our failures, because he even gives a glory to those who fail miserably, even though He wanted more than anything to give them everything He has. It all seems so simple when I think of it this way, because Christ took all the complications upon Himself, and reaches out a hand for us to join Him in His perfection. It really is as simple as looking up at that serpant on the cross and being healed. And it just amazes me when I simplify it like that.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Bethany. I always have a hard time with listening after praying, but I like your idea to listen throughout the day-- to really be listening all the time.

  2. It is simple isn't it? Sometimes when we make it too complex then it seems harder than it really is. Way to keep it in perspective!



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