Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jumper Cables

A few months ago I tore {an article} out of the {Mormon Times}; I knew I wanted to share it with you marvelous ladies, but I didn't know when. Now I do.

In it, {Jerry Johnston}, gives suggestions of how we should improve our Spirituality. He talks about how in every other area of self-improvement, such as learning a new skill, we focus on what we can do to make ourselves better; we spend time practicing inwardly. However, spirituality is different; the best way to draw closer to Heavenly Father is to look outwardly and serve each other. He continues (emphasis added):
Just as flowing water is cleaner and brighter than standing water, when the Spirit moves through us into the lives of others, it cleanses and brightens us as it passes through. When we try to well it up inside of us, the Spirit stagnates. It grows stale. We become like the Pharisees -- obsessed with our own worthiness and spiritual well-being. Don't hoard the Spirit like electricity in a car battery.
Be the jumper cables. Let it pass through you.
When you bless the lives of others, you will get unseen benefits.
Worry about others. Let God worry about you.
I think this is why it is 'easy' for so many of us to enjoy every aspect of motherhood. It's not about us; it's about them (including our husbands). I've noticed the difference between the days when I try to live this principle and the days I don't. When I put my responsibilities as a wife, mother, and friend first, I somehow have more time for myself. I'm able to recharge and start all over again.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, just like in everything, was the best example of this principle. He was, and forever will be, the most spiritually in-tuned person to live on this earth. He looked to serve and teach others first every day. Other than his last prayer in Gethsemane, did he ever think of himself first? And even then, he immediately followed his request with 'thy will be done.'

Even though our focus is on others, we become better wives, sisters, friends and mothers. We become what we've been all along: a daughter of God.


  1. I like that concept, fabulous! I don't think I could have described it better myself.



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