Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winning the War

Today my thoughts have significantly turned to winning the war against Satan. In my Sunday School class today I taught about Jesus Christ, our Chosen Leader and Savior. In this lesson it asks "how is the war in heaven still continuing today?" My answer is we are still battling over agency. Satan is still trying to take away our agency by tempting us to sin and become addicted to things that will limit our choices. The real question now is: How can we win the war? Well here is a list of tools that we have on our side to help us defeat Satan (keep in mind that Satan does not have full access to these things):

Sacrament Meeting
Sunday School
Relief Society
Other Church Members
Family Members
Missionary Work
Jesus Christ
The Atonement

This is just the beginning of a very long list of tools we have to help us win the war. What stood out to me is that these things are manageable, even easy things to do daily. And they immediately bring us strength. When we follow any commandment we are immediately blessed. Someone in my class also made the comment that the war is entirely uneven to our advantage. We have a one up on Satan because we have a body and he does not. We also have the Spirit of God to guide us and he does not. Plus we have this long list of "weapons" that he does not. So how hard should it really be for us to win the war? Not very hard at all! Go out and kick Satan's butt! I sure feel confident enough to do it! I hope you do too!

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  1. Yeah! I like that you used the word "butt" in this post! It means you are getting ready for a baby for sure! (lol) That is an awesome list! To it I add: making wise choices in everyday life. Seriously the more educated you are about everything out there, the better. Satan knows a lot about substances that can cause an unhealthful habit (addictions). We aren't going to be told every little thing that is harmful for us, we have to read and educate ourselves! Read good books, as it says in D&C.



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