Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gold Stars

Today I wanted to blog about goal setting. It is that time of year again when we all start to think about our goals and New Year's resolutions. This year I got really organized and for the first time ever I have been sticking to many of my goals. I came up with an idea to put a gold star on my calendar each day I completed 3 of my most important goals. If I don't do all 3 then I don't get a gold star. My calendar sits on my dresser in my bedroom, so I see every morning as I get out of bed and many times through out the day. It has been a wonderful reminder and gives me a lot of incentive to accomplish my goals so that I can have a gold star.

I realize how childish this may sound to all of you, and really I think it's childish myself. But the Lord has taught us that we need to be childlike! My 3 most important goals that I must accomplish each day are: 1. Say my morning prayers, 2. Study my scriptures for 30 minutes every day, and 3. Floss my teeth. For many years I have struggled to remember to say my morning prayers. I rarely have any trouble with my nightly prayers, but for some reason I just couldn't remember my morning prayers. (I think that it is mostly just because I was being lazy.) Since I have come up with my gold star idea I have only missed one morning in 10 days. That is pretty much a record for me. (Please don't judge!)

I highly encourage you all to set yourself some daily spiritual goals that you can work on over the next year. Then find a way to visually motivate yourself to accomplish them each day! Feel free to use my gold star idea if you think putting stickers on a calendar is fun! Good luck with all of your goal setting!


  1. Hey everyone likes gold stars! You deserve 5 for this great post! Now that we have a lil' babe, Nick will read the scriptures to me while I'm feeding him at night. I had that goal of morning prayers also, but I never seem to remember anymore! Ahhh gotta get back on track!

  2. Give yourself some gold stars. You might be surprised how much it will motivate you to see that little gold star on each calendar day. I love it! I think I also like it because Josh can see it too and he knows what the goals are to deserve them. It makes me more self conscious of it when he is watching me because I know I need to be worthy of him (those Swenson boys are just so spiritual). He's lightyears ahead of me, all I can do is try to keep up.



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