Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cast Away Not Therefore Your Confidence

It seems to me since the day I got married back in June my husband and I have had one hard thing after another happen to us, and not because of our relationship or our relationships with others, it was just stuff that we had no control over and just felt we had to sail through. My husband wasn't able to find a job that didn't make him work on Sundays, our finances we being stretched thinner and thinner with flat tires and medical bills, our ward seemed to forget we were even there and we went almost four months without a calling, and my job was getting more and more difficult and time consuming so that we weren't even seeing each other in the evenings when I came home.

These weren't very hard things to bear at first, but I got to a point where I just dreaded facing them everyday and they never really went away. And then around Thanksgiving we got the impression that we needed to start trying to have a baby. I was tempted to ignore it because logically it made no sense, we didn't have the means. But my mom always said, "You're never really ready for a baby no matter how much you plan." In short, Nate and I got pregnant right away. I was scared for a millisecond, but then a peace came over me that we did what we were supposed to and God would make it right.

About a week later, Nate got a job at Salt Lake Community College (where I work and I love it) and so he doesn't have to work weekends and they are flexible with his school schedule. He didn't even have to interview, they just called and asked if he wanted it. That same week, we got paid for some packing and moving work we did back in October out of nowhere, my boss got me some money for all the overtime I put in during our big projects, Nate's stipend for student government is twice as much money as we thought it would be, and my insurance issues were all worked out so that our medical bills were finally paid.

I am so filled with gratitude right now for a loving Father who gave me these trials. I see so many moments where I could have ignored promptings or gave in to temptations that would have made one or several of these blessings disappear. But we have received counsel from the Lord so many times that if we pray about something and we receive revelation we know that it is right, then it will always be right. I KNOW the Lord is fighting for me and will make it all work out.

I'm sorry so many of you are going through trials right now, and I know that they are much harder and more stressful than my own, but I know the Lord is preparing you to receive a blessing that will overshadow those trials in comparison. Have confidence in His Spirit to guide, or at times just to strengthen you, and God will continue working in the background to make it all right again.


  1. Wow, I had no idea what you were going through! It was really inspiring to read, thanks for sharing! I'm glad everyone was able to post this week! Awesome!

  2. Thanks for being willing to share with us; I'm glad you were able to see how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you and Nate! :)



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