Monday, January 11, 2010

Why go to church?

I'm so glad that we are going back to basics in Relief Society/Priesthood. Yesterday the lesson was wonderful and everyone gave such great comments! During the lesson the instructor asked a question that I didn't get to offer my answer to. Her question was "Why do you come to church each week?" The answers people gave were: being obedient, showing a good example to kids, renew covenants, etc. I wanted to give my answer because it was simple. I wanted to say, "I come to church because I like it." Seriously. I miss it when I don't go. If it means I'm obedient then great! Of course my kids will be more likely to do what is right if I am doing it too. But I just enjoy going to church.

I haven't always enjoyed going to church. Growing up I really did. I liked going to young womens and hearing the lessons, even though I didn't have amazing best friends in my group. I had friends, sure, but they weren't the reason I wanted to go. But when I started going to singles wards, it wasn't super fun. I was kind of shy and felt a bit isolated. That was until I went to the BYU wards. No one seems to get left behind there.

But anyway, I wonder if my answer has to be any deeper than that. It is really the reason why I do most things that I do- because I like to. If I don't like to do something, then why should I do it? When I go to church I get the same type of feeling as when I am in my nice warm bed and very comfortable. It is the same feeling I get when I hug my husband, nurse my son, and snuggle with either of them. Satisfaction.

Hopefully everyone who reads this feels the same way I do about church and likes going. If not for you, then . . . .well. . . . I highly recommend it.


  1. I love going to church! Just for the sake of being at church. I was feeling pretty sick yesterday and had a headache and slight fever. I didn't go to church and all day I felt a little sad because I didn't get to go. I think I will be going even when I am sick from now on.

  2. I like church, too. And I don't think it matters WHY you go, just that you do.



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